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Omega Galil Products Store - Fresh Omega 3 from the refrigerator

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Fish oil

Omega 3 fish oil | Active Ingredient: 600 mg/capsule
200 capsules per jar
cost overseas S&H included:
54 $

Fresh omega 3 from the fridge!

Capsules of omega 3 fish oil, stored in refrigeration to inhibit oxidation.

Active Ingredient: 600 mg\capsule | 200 capsules\ jar

Price 190 NIS per jar (The price per jar drops  with order size as specified in the order page)

Active Ingredient: 600 mg\capsule consisting of:

400 mg EPA : 200 mg DHA

A ratio of 2:1 in favor of EPA is similar to the natural composition of small sea fish, and is recommended for all people, at any age in any health condition.

The product is kept refrigerated at about 500F to protect against oxidation.

Refrigerated storage

Fresh from the Fridge! Fish oils kept fresh as nature intended

Omega-3 Galil Fish Oils are sourced from wild fish and carefully preserved so they are “fresh from the fridge.”


We start with fresh wild fish and harvest them for their deep sea marine oils. Our product is kept at ideal temperatures, so it doesn’t spoil or lose potency. We keep the fish oils refrigerated at about 500F, ensuring that Omega 3 Galil Fish Oils are always as fresh as they can be!


We oversee the quality control of our fish oil beginning with the shipping process. Omega 3 Galil maintains rigorous control of the supply chain process.


Our product is continuously refrigerated, whether shipped by air or by sea, at about 500F. Ground shipment is done at room temperature. After extensive research and stability testing, our protocol allows for up to 3 weeks at room temperature of 770F and up to 24 hours at 1000F. This vigilance ensures that oxidation will remain within acceptable limits.


A deficit in omega-3 levels is a known risk factor for many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. If an individual has a low omega-3 index, it is possible that omega-3 supplements may reduce the risk and alleviate the symptoms.


Omega-3 fish oil is filled with many possible health benefits that are still being discovered. There are many indications that show that omega-3 fish oil can have a positive impact on cardiovascular conditions, allergies, attention deficit issues, and even mental health. Humans have supplemented their diets with deep sea fish oil for centuries.


Why are some Omega-3 products more effective than others?

It turns out that omega-3 fish oil is very perishable. When exposed to heat, moisture and light, the negative process of oxidation begins. This causes the product to become rancid and less effective. At Omega 3 Galil, we've taken proactive steps to ensure that every batch of fish oil has been properly stored and maintained for maximum potency and effectiveness.


What is Oxidation?

Oxidation is a chemical process that alters the oil's molecules, producing harmful free radicals called peroxides and aldehydes. The peroxides give it the 'tingy' taste and the aldehydes give it the "spoiled fish" aftertaste, which lead to rancidity.


We test for rancidity in every batch by a test called TOTOX (Total Oxidation). Our oil vendors and our own lab test for TOTOX along the supply chain to ensure that it is within the acceptable limits all the way to your fridge.


We highly recommend storing your fish oil in the fridge!
Keep your fish oil cool, dry and away from direct sunlight to prevent oxidation.


A recent study from the Technion in Haifa, Israel found that heat and humidity can negatively impact the potency of fish oil. Researchers were surprised to discover that moisture also serves as a very strong catalyst to oxidation.


Once the oxidation process begins, it accelerates through a chemical chain reaction. The process can even speed up in the body when it meets other catalysts such as iron and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in your blood.


Since we can't stop oxidation once it starts, we have worked with scientists to minimize it. In addition to constantly monitoring the refrigeration, we use gelatin capsules to ensure freshness.


Our pledge to you: Our fish oil reaches you with the least amount of oxidation possible.


How do we do that? We start with fresh wild fish caught off the deep-water coasts of Peru and Chile. After it is purified, we maintain strict refrigeration standards. We also utilize the protective capacity of gelatin capsules to ensure that there as little oxidation as possible.


Gelatin capsules prevent oxygen from getting into the fish oils and refrigeration eliminates humidity. This all adds up to the fact that Omega 3 Galil Fish Oil is uniquely formulated for maximum efficiency.


La'Briyut- to your health!


About Us


Guy Ben-Zvi, the founder of Omega 3 Galil, has become an expert in improving the potency of fish oils by studying the role of oxidation.


The company was established following the personal experience of Guy and his family. More than 10 years ago, his son was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and was suffering from psychiatric symptoms and disabling tics.


The conventional treatment included the antipsychotic drug Halidol, which had terrible side effects, including completely changing the boy's personality!


Not willing to stand for that, the family experimented with Omega-3 fish oil, and to their wonder, the treatment succeeded! When certain batches of fish oil worked better than others, Guy wanted to find out why.


He soon discovered that the culprit was actually poor storage conditions. The products were sitting unrefrigerated on pharmacy shelfs for a long time.
This inevitably kicked off the irreversible oxidation process and lowered the efficacy of the fish oils.


Armed with this new knowledge, Guy began a journey to create a product that he could share with everyone, ensuring that Omega 3 Galil Fish Oils always maintained their effectiveness and potency.


Guy specializes in controlling and mitigating the environmental factors that compromise the effectiveness of Omega 3 Galil Fish Oils.


Thank you for reading our story,

Omega 3 Galil

Specification And Function Composition

Specification and Functional Composition of Omega 3 Galil Fish Oil

Fresh Omega 3 Galil Fish Oils are produced from high quality wild fish.


Our specially formulated gelatin capsules of Omega 3 fish oil are temperature- controlled to inhibit oxidation.


Our quality control process means that we always keep our products at about 500F. We charge $54 a bottle. International S&H is $24 for US shipments of up to 4.4 lbs (2kg). (We automatically discount when buying in bulk, as shown on the order page.)


Active Ingredient: 400 mg EPA+/-200 mg DHA. 600 mg/200 capsules in each jar. In nature you find a 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA in small ocean fish, such as anchovies and sardines. We maintain that ratio in our Omega 3 Galil Fish Oils, to mimic nature as closely as we can.


Omega 3 Fish Oil is filled with health benefits that are still being discovered. There are many indications that show that Omega 3 Fish Oils can have a positive impact on chronic autoimmune issues. Healthy oils, like Marine Omega 3 Fish Oils can help you maintain optimal health.


Omega 3 is an oil property that defines the first unsaturated bond in a chain from its "omega" (end) terminal. Not all types of omega 3 fatty acids are biologically active. EPA and DHA are marine omega 3 fatty acids with biological activity, or so-called active ingredients. ALA, the plant omega 3, is not a bio active ingredient itself but is converted by our body through special enzymes to EPA and DHA.


It is difficult for humans to convert plant Omega 3 to marine Omega 3. Many people don't consume enough seafood and fish to obtain sufficient Omega 3 Oils. A low omega 3 index is a recognized risk factor for many chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, allergies, autoimmune diseases and mental health syndromes.



EPA ratio to DHA:

The ratio between EPA to DHA is extremely important. The optimal recommended ratio between EPA and DHA ranges from 3:2 to 2:1 in favor of EPA and never less than 1:1. We believe that the correct ratio of EPA to DHA is just as important as making sure that our ingredients are fresh.



Each capsule weighs 1500 mg and contains at least 1000 mg of fresh wild fish oil. Minimum 600 mg active ingredients:400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. The other 465 mg of fish oil is in various inactive fractions, including Omega 3, 6, 9, 7 and 11. There are approximately 2 mg of natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E), to prevent oxidation.



Product Specifications:

Each gelatin capsule contain 1065 mg fish oil plus a natural tocopherol, vitamin E mixture.


Oil Type: Ethyl Ester Fish Oil 4020 EE

Contents: 100% fish oil sourced from deep water fish off the coast of Peru and Chile. Our Fish Oils are 95% to 99% anchovy oil, with trace amounts of sardine and mackerel oil.



Production Process:

We take the purity of our product very seriously! The oils go through a molecular distillation process which includes deodorization,

winterization and the removal of toxins by activated carbon and clay. The whole process of production and storage of raw oil is done under nitrogen to prevent oxidation.


Quality tests:

The product undergoes about 30 quality tests including acidity and oxidation, composition and chemical analysis,

presence of pathogens (bacteria and fungi), presence of toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.

The product is tested for quality and purity of pathogens, toxins and toxic metals according to the most stringent standards.

This product is imported, packaged and stored under a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health.


Storage conditions

Before capsulation the oil is kept under nitrogen in 190 kg drums. After capsulation the capsules are stored in dark sealed bulk containers both in the overseas manufacturer's warehouse and in the Omega Galilee refrigerated warehouse in Israel. Shipping is done by air or by sea in cooled containers.
Refrigerated storage conditions in Israel are the key to product quality because there it spends most of its shelf life. Omega 3 fish oil tends to oxidize very quickly, which destroys the active ingredient and makes it inactive. Since fish oil products are on the shelf for several months, proper storage conditions should be maintained to protect the product from oxidation.
Omega Galilee keeps the product refrigerated at about 500F during the months of storage in Israel, thus providing you with maximum active, non-oxidized oil.
Recommendations for use:
Recommendations for use of Omega Galilee fish oil are intended for optimal use of the product. The recommendations are based on the body weight and health status of each person, regardless of height, age or sex. We provide a dose calculator for the free use of our customers. The calculator is based on the concentration of our fish oil product and assumes that the oxidation level is below the GOED limit of TOTOX = 26. Use of the calculator for products with higher oxidation or other EPA and DHA concentrations may be misleading