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Vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E capsules | 400 IU/capsule
100 capsules per jar
cost overseas S&H included:
35 $


Capsules of natural vitamin E

400 IU\capsule | 100 capsules\ jar

Price 120 NIS per jar (The price of the jar is reduced by quantity as specified on the order page)

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is recommended in addition to omega 3 to protect it from oxidation within the body. Vitamin E ensures the essential fatty acids of omega 3 reach the target tissues of the body's various organs such as the nervous system, brain, and other cells of the body. The product consists of a natural tocopherol mixture that is the same as the form in which vitamin E appears in plants.

.The product is refrigerated to prevent oxidation and maintain its activity over time.

Specification and functional composition

The vitamin E we supply is a natural tocopherol mixture, which we prefer over DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate, which is the synthetic derivative. The synthetic derivative is a little cheaper per active ingredient, but experts say the natural blend is better because it is the form vitamin E appears in plants in nature.

Vitamin E is fat soluble and its main targets are fatty tissues and fatty cell membranes. Vitamin E is stored in the body in the adipose tissue (the subcutaneous fat). For this reason it is better to consume oily vitamin E.

Technical specification of vitamin E

Product label:

תוית המוצר ויטמין E 400 אומגה 3 גליל

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What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects fatty tissues against oxidation. It also keeps fats in the bloodstream against oxidation. Among the fatty components found in the blood are LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Protecting LDL from oxidation reduces the risk of heart disease. Protecting omega 3 from oxidation ensures that these essential fatty acids EPA and DHA reach the target tissues of the body's various organs such as the nervous system, brain, and other body cells.

In nature there are several types of tocopherols when the most important are α (alpha), β (beta), γ (gamma), and δ (delta). Alpha-tocopherol is the most important for the protection of fatty acids in the blood when the other tocopherols are important in other tissues. Plants that are the source of vitamin E always have a mixture of tocopherols while synthetic vitamin E contains only a certain derivative called DL alpha-tocopherol acetate. Vitamin E in plants appears as an oily liquid or in other words as oil.

In what units is vitamin E measured?

Vitamin E appears in several natural and synthetic forms with different efficiencies. In order to harmonize the definitions of an effective dose of vitamin E an International Unit or IU has been established. An IU of two different vitamin E derivatives will have the same antioxidant potency but may have different quantities. For this reason all vitamin E supplements must be specified in IU, which makes it easy to compare between products.


Vitamin E tends to oxidize easily and therefore should be kept refrigerated like fish oil. Omega Galilee keeps its vitamin E in a refrigerated warehouse.

For the same reason (fast oxidation) vitamin E in gelatin capsules will last longer than vitamin E in liquid.

Usage recommendations

Disclosure and waiver:

We (Omega Galil in general and Guy specifically) are not physicians and are not certified by anyone to give medical or nutritional instructions to anyone.

All that is stated on this site is provided according to our experience and the best of our knowledge. It does not constitute a guideline for treatment of any disease, does not replace consultation with a physician, and does not contain recommendations or instructions from a physician. Anyone making use of the content of this site, whether it is for himself or others, does so at their own responsibility and risk.


We recommend adding vitamin E according to the following criteria.

For persons consuming more than 3 grams a day of omega 3 (5 capsules) we recommend adding 400 IU of VE per day.

Children and adults whose diets do not contain sufficient nuts, seeds and vegetables or other sources of antioxidants, especially if they consume omega 3 supplements 200 to 400 IU of VE per day.

Women after menopause: Women at this age tend to have a higher oxidative stress, therefor it is recommended that they take 800-1200 IU depending on their overall diet and the amount of omega 3 they take.

Drug use: Drug use in general, especially psychiatric drugs, greatly increases the oxidative stress. In this case it is recommended to supplement vitamin E regardless of omega 3 consumption and if omega 3 is consumed, increase the dose accordingly.

Chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cancer, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis all show high oxidative stress. Studies have shown that taking fish oil in these situations is not beneficial if it is not accompanied by the intake of significant antioxidants. The main antioxidant in these cases is vitamin E. Vitamin C is a coenzyme of vitamin E that increases its effectiveness (by recycling used vitamin E), and therefore it is recommended also to consume vegetables or fruits containing vitamin C.

Is it also advisable for you to supplement vitamin E? Use the dose calculator>> (requires registration) to find out!

Preventing sun damage

Vitamin E was found  to be extremely effective in preventing damages of sunburn and skin burns.

Apply Vitamin E to the skin as soon as possible after you have left the sun if your skin is red or burnt. Simply pierce a capsule, squeeze out the oil and apply it to the skin.

Vitamin E skin pplication is not recommended during exposure to the sun because it will oxidize and be destroyed by the sun UV radiation.

Skin application after sun exposure will prevent redness, burning sensation and skin peeling if applied soon enough (up to one or two hours) after exposure.